Sunday Funday!

17 Aug

I think I had just been in Newport for too long. I was in a grumpy, blah, how much longer do we have to live here mood. I was thankful for the distraction a trip to Eugene for blueberry picking would bring. We all just needed to get out of town and do something different.

Our destination was Mckenzie River Farm where Abigail got to see a real cow and I got to feed one!! We picked lots of blueberries and got hot and sweaty. I had one of those rare moments where the world just fell away and the only thing that mattered was that experience we were all sharing.





















We rode home stuffed full of blueberries through town after town. And I thought about how towns are towns. Cities are cities. Life is life everywhere. People have things they love about where they live and things they love to complain about. I’m guilty.

We pulled into town and I went for a bike ride. The salty sea air slammed into me as I passed under the Yaquina Bridge. Maybe I needed to go away and come back to gain some perspective. This one moment on this one bike ride on this one Sunday in a little town by the ocean made my normal life feel grand.


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