Trip East Part 2: Virginia

27 Oct

On our way back we stopped for an overnight in Lynchburg. The leaves were changing but much had stayed the same, especially between the old friends we got to see. I love that town and returning after being away makes me feel that way even more. I cried as we drove through downtown, up Rivermont, and into Boonsboro — my heart thumping the silent message, Home Sweet Home. I couldn’t see everyone I wanted to, but getting to have some time with some of my dearest friends was a blessing. I miss them so much and regret not taking more pictures. But there was too much to catch up on and the camera sat untouched through coffee and snacks and dinner with the Carters and new running shoes fitted by Heather. There was one picture I wasn’t going to miss though – pictures of my sweet, precious “might as well be” niece, Maddy. Ahh. Totally in love with that baby and her mama and Joy.

On we traveled to my parents, where the feeling that all is right in the universe wraps around me like a blanket and my family warms my spirit like a hot bowl of soup.

I love seeing Abigail do all the things I did in the same space where I was once small. Like running around the yard and peeking over to see the creek. Crunching through fall leaves. Playing on the driveway. Realizing my bottom is way too big to fit in a toddler’s toy. We did some of that.

When she wouldn’t nap and cried with exhaustion, I showed her the secret that is hiding in the living room. I demonstrated moderate skills as a warning to practice, really practice, and stick with it. I wish I had…

A diaper rash ended up being a yeast infection (for crying out loud) and I longed for our cloth diapers. So my mother demonstrated her amazing prefold skills and pinned them on without even flinching. “How did you do this all the time?” I was awestruck at her ability to tame Abigail into unwiggly submission.
The things that you desperately want to know but don’t even realize you want to know only happen in those moments when you are together. Like how old I was when I wore this little blue dress that apparently in some former time was fashionable? Or how to thread a ribbon through a smocked dress sleeve. My sister-in-law/Abigail’s godmother hand smocked this dress for her daughter and I immediately needed a picture although it was a bit too cold and a strange neighborhood cat kept getting in the way.
Seeing Abigail with my sister and being so thankful for every minute they spent together because she is a superstar and I want some of that to rub off on Abigail.

I want so badly for all of these people we saw throughout the week to be in Abigail’s life in a big way. But they already are, even if it looks a little different right now. Because you can’t escape from who you are deep down inside. And we are the sum of all these parts.

3 Responses to “Trip East Part 2: Virginia”

  1. Joy October 27, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Like I said when I saw you, even though it has been way too long, I also feel that it hasn’t, really, because of your wonderful writing and photos I feel that I have been with you every step through this incredible journey. So great to see you dear friend and your oh so cute Abigail, by the way, everyone who is reading this, the child not only has the looks, but the sweetest voice I have ever heard, and I know Sarah would never say this, but her little girl is one smart cookie, I’m talking prodigy! Love the last pic of the boots!

  2. Heather Cavaliere October 27, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    🙂 you guys are the best. i love your words, photos, and most importantly you and your people. wish i was with you all the time.

  3. Kathy October 28, 2011 at 9:14 am #

    We so loved having you all back home. Can’t wait till December!!!!

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