Giving Thanks

19 Nov

I heard something I didn’t want to yesterday so I did this.  It was a little like one of those Facebook statuses that say, “Oh my gosh.  I can’t believe that!” and are totally annoying because you think, “WHAT?!”  but the person never tells you.  But writing is an outlet for me so I did it anyway and felt better.  Sorry about that Charlie Brown moment, friends.

And today I did this because it always makes me feel even better…

Which led to this kick in the pants from the Almighty upstairs…

And I’m crumpling up that bad day like a wad of paper and slam dunking it into the trash.  Because I’m really just so thankful.  For life and my family and friends who share it with me.  For being content with the way things are.  Because the grass doesn’t get any greener than this, baby.  And you don’t get the green grass without a little (or a lot) of rain.  Right, Oregon?


One Response to “Giving Thanks”

  1. Mom November 19, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    THAT’S my girl!!!!! Reminds me of the saying, “It’s always darkest just before dawn.” (The quote may not be exact, but close enough!). Dawn always comes, and it’s a gift to be able to recognize and be thankful for the “Light”! Love you.

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