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Listen. Learn. Be Amazed.

20 Dec

A box came.  I was expecting it, but Abigail was surprised.  Inside the best kind of treasures awaited – dinosaurs and cooking tools and moose socks to name a few.  My friend, Jennifer, had collected some of her boys’ favorite things and passed them along.

“Those look tasty…” thought Hank. Continue reading

Let Your Heart Be Light

14 Dec

I just needed to find the frozen dinner rolls and I would be all set.  I was making ham biscuits.  Ham biscuits that I really liked.  They were savory and easy.  As a bonus it was a Lynchburg recipe, a Junior League of Lynchburg recipe.  Yummy!

Where were they? I walked up and down the aisle with Susie, searching. Searching for something that was not going to be found because it wasn’t there. “You know, the ones that are in the round foil tray? The yeasty ones?” “What about these?” she countered. “No it has to be this certain kind.” And so once again we walked up and down the aisles, perusing the end caps, but still coming up empty handed.

“Could you just use some of the refrigerated ones? You know, roll them out and make them?” I wasn’t so sure. “Maybe Safeway has them…”

So we drove across the street to look. I walked down the aisle and found the space where the frozen breads were located. Nothing. Well, they had rolls, but not the ones I needed. Sister Schubert was nowhere to be found. I pressed my hands up against the glass and peered in, willing them to be there.

Please. I thought. This is so small and so silly, but it matters to me. It matters because it’s the way I always do it. It matters because sometimes it slams into me like a semi truck that I am not home, and things are not the same. I need this to be the same. Continue reading

Together Again

11 Dec

Last week I was sick.  Abigail was sick.  Ryan was out of town on a business trip to “Dor-ja.”  (That’s Georgia for all of you that don’t speak Abigailese.)  Pretty much what I’m saying is that Hank was in charge – which also means that not a lot was accomplished.

All of that being cooped up made everyone little stir crazy.

Now Ryan’s back so we celebrated the end of a very long and very exhausting week.

Happy mama.

Happy newf.

Happy girl.

Happy kids.

A friend asked what we do about getting the sand off of Hank.  

We just admire his big, sandy paws and try not to worry about it.  There are more pressing matters to attend to.

Like sticker parties…

And then we vacuum.  Once.  Okay, twice.

“We Will Prevail”

8 Dec

To some, this will be another media story. Something to watch over and over again until the emotions you orginially feel become stale and the story becomes background noise in your life.

To my fellow Hokie family and me, this shatters our hearts. Makes us burn with rage and cry with grief for the way this darkness is once again creeping into a place that is so bright.

But try as you might to break our wings, you will not. Our spirit will not be broken. I’ve been there before. To see with my own eyes and feel it in my heart.

I long to be back home. To find comfort and understanding. But from here I will pray for peace.

Brave Hokies.


6 Dec

If my life had a soundtrack right now it would be the word “No” sung by a precious little toddler voice on continous loop.

“Would you like some oatmeal?”

Change of approach.

“Abigail, it’s time to eat.”
“Come eat your oatmeal.”
“What about if we put some yummy raisins in it?”
“Sorry honey, but no. I was just making sure you were listening.”

In other news, we went to see Santa on Friday.

What do you think she said about sitting in Santa’s lap?

“If I cling to my mom like a monkey she will get in this picture with me.  I’ve heard about her family’s obsession with Santa pictures.  Besides, if I don’t look at him, he doesn’t exist…”

I thought it was really nice of Santa to still give her a candy cane…I would have said, no.

What a shocker!  No nutritional value = best thing she’s ever had in her life.  Now if only we could make vegetables look and taste like candy canes.  See if you can whip some of those up, Mrs. Claus.

Sigh.   Who am I kidding.  I totally would have given her the candy cane too, Santa.

Sunsets Are Free

1 Dec

I should have known by the way the sun flare spread perfect rays across the back of floofer newf.

I might have been tipped off by the blue sky. Or perhaps the real clue was in the fact that there was no wind or rain out on the beach.

But that’s just the thing, you don’t know. You never know when you will be handed the perfect day. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recognize and appreciate it when you are.

So when our walk came to a close at 4:13 with the sun dipping lower into the horizen, we checked the time of sunset. 4:37. “We should stay.” “I’m in.” I love when Susie says that.

So we did. We secured a prime location on a drift log, watched Abigail attempt to make sand angels, and mulled over the fact that we are oh so lucky to live where we do.  “Sunsets are free,” she said. And they are glorious around here.

As the last sliver of the sun sank below the glimmering waves we packed it up and headed  home — where I served up steaming cups of hot cocoa stirred with extra happiness.