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21 Sep

We are between places.  Where we are right now is not our destination, but we have been busy and filled up and that has been good.

Visiting the Art Lady’s House.

All of that stuff that makes a big move stressful has been put on hold for us.  It’s like we’re speed dating the East Coast after being gone from the scene for a couple of years.  As a result, my mind which is usually pretty good at sorting out the background noise from the important stuff is running on a different set of cylinders doing all of the those things you do when you are buying a house and playing with cousins and living close to Target.

And spent.

But somehow amidst the noisy everyday stuff is the reality that our life as we know it at this minute is just temporary.  Beyond the unpacking and organizing that we are going to face, moving is hard work and filled with questions.  Sometimes it’s just little stuff like adjusting to grocery stores with new layouts or learning street names and short cuts.  But there are these other questions that are pretty big:  Who will you call when your baby gets sick?  Who will give you that haircut that makes you feel fantastic?  Who will you invite over on a Friday night to share a pizza with?

Drawing “our family.”  

The good news is that this time around thinking about all of these things doesn’t make me feel as overwhelmed and off balance.  I have the experience of having done it twice before.  I know all of those questions will get answered and things that seem new and different will fade into normalness.  Now I know that when the time comes to roll up my sleeves and get the work done I can handle it.

“Apparently my size makes me kind of scary.” ~ Hank

All of the writing I did over the last two years, facing my struggles head on and being hell bent on learning from them was one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done for myself.  My experience moving to Oregon was like having that really challenging teacher.  You know the one, she made you work harder than you ever had to before, but you stuck it out and when you think of great teachers it’s her that you think of first.

The only size that matters between friends is the size of your heart.

The biggest lessons I learned were about having patience and appreciating that one moment you are living that you will never get back.  That is what I want to take with me on this move and every one to come.  Life is happening so be a part of it, wherever you are and with whatever gifts you have been given.  And try; really try, to embrace it.

We spend our lives in a state of in between.  It’s a great place to be if you really think about it, looking back and appreciating where you’ve been and staying hopeful about the future.  It isn’t always easy, but if you assemble it right you’ll end up sandwiched between a whole lot of good stuff.


Lost and Found

16 Sep

Lately we’ve been digging through the rumpled items in the lost and found bin and finding some missing things.

Most notably, this was the week rabbit decided to sleep over in TJ Maxx leaving Abigail and I sick with worry and shedding tears over lovies lost. Later we learned that rabbit had spent the evening trying on shoes a half size too small, perusing infused olive oils, and debating over whether or not she needed that large pumpkin serving platter. Needless to say rabbit is grounded indefinitely.

We recovered plenty more.
Lungs better prepared to withstand humidity and the return of longer runs for me.

A sneak peek into my favorite time of year with cooler mornings and a few eager leaves just itching to update their wardrobes for fall, meaning only one thing to Abigail at this point — more time for scootering and sidewalk chalk.

And we reunited with Ryan after his first week at his new job!

It was only two years that we were gone, but it was enough time to allow my experience shape a new part of me. I’ll never give that up. I like being southern with a twist of northwest. But I have to say, spending the weekend where college football is an all day event, eating chicken wings with family makes me feel like I’ve blown the dust off of a little part of me that I’ve been missing.

And I’ll drink a sweet tea to that.


Smoother Sailing

8 Sep

Apparently there used to be such a thing as a clubhouse for potato heads. Why I never knew about this before our first week bunked up at Nanny and Gramps’ house I have no idea, but it is awesome and doing a pretty good job of entertaining Abigail while I hunt and peck this quick blog post out on my iPhone.

I don’t have a real computer right now or the ability to upload real pictures or a clever new name for this space but I’m checking in anyway.

It’s been a week – a whole lot of week. After a fantastic welcome back life settled for long enough to uncover what I had anticipated.  I assumed Abigail would be a little homesick and that her behavior would reflect that. What I didn’t expect was her to be so vocal about it, telling me “want to leave, want to go home” when things didn’t quite go her way. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any homesick moments of my own. There may have been one tiny incident involving stubbing my toe on a shopping cart and not finding my usual Greek yogurt in a Publix. But it’s amazing how quickly finding your long lost favorite brand of cold cuts can turn that frown upside down!

Things have already gotten better due in part to a load of new toys, ahem potato head clubhouse, and a maiden voyage complete with lake swim up to an island and cabin picnic.



It’s not all smooth sailing, we are rediscovering the joy of mosquito bites and chest compressing running in humidity, but our crew here is pretty special making the whole starting over thing a little bit easier.
As for Hank, well, he’s hot.

“So freaking hot.”- Hank
And as for Oregon, we love finding little pieces of you in unexpected places.