Lost and Found

16 Sep

Lately we’ve been digging through the rumpled items in the lost and found bin and finding some missing things.

Most notably, this was the week rabbit decided to sleep over in TJ Maxx leaving Abigail and I sick with worry and shedding tears over lovies lost. Later we learned that rabbit had spent the evening trying on shoes a half size too small, perusing infused olive oils, and debating over whether or not she needed that large pumpkin serving platter. Needless to say rabbit is grounded indefinitely.

We recovered plenty more.
Lungs better prepared to withstand humidity and the return of longer runs for me.

A sneak peek into my favorite time of year with cooler mornings and a few eager leaves just itching to update their wardrobes for fall, meaning only one thing to Abigail at this point — more time for scootering and sidewalk chalk.

And we reunited with Ryan after his first week at his new job!

It was only two years that we were gone, but it was enough time to allow my experience shape a new part of me. I’ll never give that up. I like being southern with a twist of northwest. But I have to say, spending the weekend where college football is an all day event, eating chicken wings with family makes me feel like I’ve blown the dust off of a little part of me that I’ve been missing.

And I’ll drink a sweet tea to that.



One Response to “Lost and Found”

  1. Kathy Magnusson September 17, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

    So glad you are back this side of the USA!!!!!!

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