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Heat Wave

7 Aug

When a “Heat Advisory” for 80 degree weather is issued on a coast that rarely sees 70 you throw your to do list out of the window.  We did just that this weekend.  Living by the ocean really can be the best thing in the world and it’s even better when you wake up and have a day or two that feels like a vacation.

Our little beach town is so much different from the beaches I visited growing up.  The coastline is cut by dramatic cliffs, made only more so when the fog rolls in to wrap them up in a cloud of mystery.  But this weekend the wind slowed, the sun warmed, and the “bathing soup” came out for a glorious juxtaposition of the two kinds of beaches I love.

We pulled off 101 and made the short trek down to Moolack Beach eschewing the touristy crowds at our usual spots.  At this point allow me to make one strong recommendation for your bucket list.

Experience a beach that feels as if it’s all yours.

It’s paradise no matter the weather.

The one constant out here?  The Pacific waters where we are hover in the very crisp range of 50 and 55 degrees.  It’s wet suit mandatory kind of cold.  For me that means no water will be touching my toes.  Abigail, however, splashed until her little lips were quivering.

There was even more splashing when Olivia, Ollie, and Bella the beach dog showed up.

Thankfully this Coast Guard Helicopter was not going to rescue us or our potentially hypothermic daughter.

Thank you Coast Guard!

If that wasn’t enough of a treat, we took our weekend to hot fudge sundae proportions when a trip to the valley resulted in a get together with friends we are missing and new running shoes for me!

Wagon Rides, of course!

Guard dog, Ella.

Oh and we did some of this, too.

Is it Friday yet?



6 Mar

Last night I was watching Bethenny Ever After and Ryan was reading on his phone next to me. The episode was full of shorts, swim suits, and Bethenny’s baby soaking up summer. “Do you feel like Abigail is missing out sometimes?”

“What do you mean?” Ryan looked up.

“Like seasons, for example. Do you think it’s sad that Abigail doesn’t really get to experience the different seasons?”

“Look at how crappy* and crowded that beach is,” he said with a smile nodding to the scene on the television, “I don’t think she’s missing out. She’ll have seasons again one day and when she does she’ll appreciate them more.”

(*Clarification: The beach wasn’t crappy. My husband just knows I like it when he says stuff like that because it makes me feel better. He’s a keeper.)

We woke up this morning with a special treat on the calendar. Susie was coming over for breakfast and bringing her animal waffle maker, too.

We love waffles around here. We love Susie, too. And animal waffles with Susie was just too much – so the sky exploded with snowflakes…for two seconds.

Hank took a break from drooling to alert us that the Fed-Ex man was here. (Sorry about the barking and enormous black furball flinging himself at the window, Fed-Ex Man.) A package!

“Can I have a waffle now for being such a good boy and scaring that bad guy away?”

It was the 2010 photobook family album Ryan had painstakingly put together over many months. He combed through all of our photos from what was probably the biggest year of our life and arranged them in layouts to document our year.

It was beautiful and so much fun to look at, “unforgettable,” being the word Ryan picked to describe the year.

Ryan can be a man of few words, but he knows what’s up. I love that about him.

Afterwards, Susie and I took Abigail for a walk in her too big boots.

I have no idea how those boots were staying on.

I told Susie about the seasons thing.  She listened because she’s good at that.  I can’t remember what wise thing she said in reply because I was too busy noticing that I looked taller than her.  In real life, I’m not taller than Susie.  Not even close.

We might not have all the seasons, but we’ve got squishy ground and super-sized puddles – friends and each other.

Ryan’s right about this one. Abigail isn’t missing out. She isn’t sitting on the sidelines of life bummed about not wearing a bathing suit or shorts. She’s full on starting this game, making memories and having fun.

And you know what? So are we.

Good Morning, My Friend

13 Jan

Most mornings are pretty relaxed around here.  We stay in PJ’s way too long.  But this morning we got a call to see if we wanted to come play with Olivia so her mom could make a birthday cake.

Abigail got a double dose of technology while I got ready.  Some may call this an over dose, but she has taken to drawing circles on her magna-doodle and saying “sear-o” so I think her brain is just fine.  (Ryan taught her that one…overachiever.)

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4th of July

4 Jul

When we learned the weather was going to be nice Asia and Ollie graciously offered to host the BBQ in their backyard.  Our backyard isn’t so much of a yard as a, well, cliff.  We did the usual — grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, sparklers and fireworks; and the unusual — wearing fleeces and roasting marshmallows.  Driving home on the 101 with the sun setting over the Pacific I had to admit — it’s hard to beat a 4th of July on the Oregon Coast.

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A Path Traveled

13 Oct

If I could transport all of my Lynchburg people to Newport, life would be perfect. But I can’t. And as much as I would love to enjoy the coastal lifestyle and a glass (or bottle) of Oregon wine with the people I left behind, let’s face it, Newport just doesn’t have the booming job market that it would take to get them here. All that seems to remain now is our little family. We have trekked so far and I hope that if we walk in circles long enough we will feel content enough to settle down. But until the settling occurs I know we still have a long way to go.

There are plenty of things I could busy myself with to avoid an inevitable truth. As wonderful as we are together, we cannot exsist in a vaccuum. We need to meet people. We may not need them now, but eventually we will. This I had been dreading. Although I find myself to be a realtively social person, the thought of how much effort it was going to take to start over and put myself out there was exhausting and frightening. When I saw the ad for the “Free Flight 5K/10K” I knew what had to be done. I had to peel myself off of the couch, lace up the old sneakers, and hit the pavement. I was ready. I woke up Saturday morning to pouring rain. I strapped on my new, rugged Oregon persona and told Ryan I was doing the race. “In the rain?” he asked. “Yep, rain is a part of our lifestyle now. Plus, we might see someone under the age of 70!” I threw on a hat, we loaded the minivan, and were off. Pulling up to the Marine Science Center I had first day of school jitters. I hoped that the race wasn’t full and I could still sign up. The time was 8:05 and race day registration had just begun. Or so I thought. Where was everyone? “Are you sure this is where the race is?” I checked on my phone to be sure. MARINE SCIENCE CENTER – 10/10/10. WHOOPS! That would mean the race was tomorrow. Who knew a race would be on a Sunday? Those West Coast Heathens! Sheesh!

Take 2. I woke up SUNDAY morning and had a typical feeling of dejavu as I put back on my running gear and headed out into the rain once again for the big event. We were running a little late this time and I felt even more nervous about going last minute to sign up. That’s when I realized that were weren’t in Kansas anymore, er, rather Lynchburg. This was the most laid back race I’d ever been a part of. I walked in, signed up, got my long sleeve t-shirt (yes!), and had 45 minutes to kill. Ryan kept pestering me to “warm up” which was hilarious. When did he become my running coach? So I took a lap and came back right as they were gathering people up at the starting line. All 30 of us. It was right around the part where the man in charge was explaining the course “run out to the south jetty along the bay, circle back, then 5Kers will finish after a loop on the estuarary trail” that I realized I had no idea what he was talking about. He told us that if we didn’t know where we were going to just make sure we weren’t in front of or behind the pack. Thanks for the tip. He laughed as he said, “Ready, Set…Go!” And we were off! We reached the path that led us to the south jetty around mile 1. We ran along the bay. The only thing that separated us from the water was a narrow sandy strip lined with rocks. The cold rain pounded on my face and turned my legs red, but I kept going as fast as I could. I circled back feeling great. I hit the estuarary path and before I knew it the race director was shouting 28:43 as I crossed the finish. My best time to date! I could go on and tell you how excited I was about the young couple that came up to us after the race, so friendly and nice, telling me about where moms go for playgroups around town. And it was an answered prayer – finally a place to start meeting more people. But the answered prayer that was in my heart went much deeper than that. I was, for the first time, at peace in Newport. Life is life everywhere. There are many things here that are different from what I am used to, and making new friends takes time. But in the meantime I get to be in this incredibly beautiful place, while I live a part of my life that I never knew was waiting for me.