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Abigail Do It!

5 Aug

My dad sent me an email last week after I wrote the Puzzling blog.  I had a few days of feeling off kilter.  My expectations were not matching up with what was going to realistically happen.  I shifted gears after reading what he wrote.  He was reminding me that it isn’t always about constantly entertaining your kids or shuttling them around to a million things.  It’s also good to just include them in that hum drum stuff that has to get done.

Trust me, Abigail will get just as much from following you as you will give her “following her”..  

We spent a lot of time doing regular stuff this week and as the days went on, “Abigail do it!” became our enthusiastic mantra.

It’s quicker and easier to just do it myself, but this week I opened up that reserve of patience that I forgot I had hanging around.  There were a few deep breath and jaw clenching moments but we made it through — and in the end?

I learned a lot about Abigail.

1.  When asked what she wants to wear?  It’ll be a toss up between something pink and a OSU “beebers” shirt.

2.  A pretty good fix for missing Nanny is making her blueberry scones.

3.  She takes her time writing thank you notes and decorating the envelopes.

4.  Abigail makes a mean PB&J dino toast.  After a few days of practice we served it up to a special breakfast guest who didn’t seem to mind pre-licked jelly.

“Oh you know I got some in the end.  I don’t practice my pathetic eyes for nothing!” – Hank

4.  If you thought she was good at vacuuming you should see her sweep.  (Don’t mind the mess.  We are spending most of our time making toast and sweeping a 1×1 square of carpet.)

5.  Even though she prefers her “gymnastics hair” I’m wondering if she’s destined to be my tiny dancer.

Mary Poppins wasn’t lying when she talked about the sugar making the medicine go down.  You bet we found some fun in the jobs to be done.

We’d like to thank our friend the step stool for making this week possible.

“Abigail doooooo it!” You sure can!  Go girl.