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5 Sep

I dreaded the four miles I had before me. It was my long run day in preparation for the upcoming 10 Miler here in Lynchburg. I was missing my running partner, Joy. Our schedules were not aligning this week for the first time in the 12 weeks we’ve been training together. Three years ago we had gotten together to run the 4 miler, a shorter but still challenging part of the 10 Miler events. It was a miracle that we even finished because we had not done any kind of preparation whatsoever. On the course we talked about how next time we were going to do the 10 so our t-shirts that said, “Virginia 10-Miler” would be legit. But life got in the way, she had her first baby and then another. I had a running injury and by the time I was ready to get started again I was pregnant with Abigail. It was one of the best days of the summer when the surgeon finally gave me the stamp of approval to run again. I immediately went to get some new sneakers, and Joy and I began the tedious process of building up our stamina. What started out as run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes has become 13+ miles a week. The days I look most forward to are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays (or Sundays) when we get together to follow our “Hal Higdon” 10 mile training plan. The running seems easier with all the talk of babies, life, and reality TV.   Continue reading